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Guided Duck Hunts in Arkansas

Guided Duck Hunts in Arkansas

Arkansas Duck Hunting

Duck Hunts Done Right

Arkansas is known for its incredible duck hunting, and our area is no different. Our fully guided duck hunts take place in a combination of field pits and flooded timber areas. We have six different field pits and two highly luxurious blinds tucked in our flooded timber areas. We keep all of our hunting spots on a strict rotation cycle in order to offer our hunters a variety of experiences while also ensuring that our areas, and the birds, can rest and remain pressured as little as possible. 

Flooded Timber Duck Hunting in Arkansas

Flooded Timber Duck Hunts in AR

Our field hunts are excellent, but our flooded timber hunts take the experience to a whole new level. Windy Hill boasts a huge, luxury blind in one of our flooded timber spots that can hold large groups of hunters, and even has a small "kitchen" for cooking breakfast. Because we care so much about the quality of our areas and being sure not to over pressure them, this experience is typically a "grand finale" that we save for the last day - and you can take our word for it, it's worth the wait. If you are looking for an Arkansas duck hunting outfitter that can provide the true flooded timber duck hunting experience, you have come to the right place!

Guided Duck Hunts in Arkansas

What does a typical day of duck hunting look like at Windy Hill?

All hunting days at Windy Hill kick-off with the smell of the coffee pot and fresh biscuits. After breakfast, you and your guides will head to your hunting location for that day, where you will hunt until noon. A hot, delicious lunch will be waiting for you back at our comfortable duck hunting lodge where you can spend the rest of the day relaxing in our comfortable recliners, taking a nap in your bunk, or playing corn hole and darts in the "Duck Cave"--our brand new hangout spot at the lodge. Evenings will consist of home-style country dinners followed by the telling of hunting stories around a warm fire or more games and relaxation in the Duck Cave.

We are all about celebrating the duck hunting lifestyle in every aspect, so more than anything, the typical hunting day at Windy Hill will be centered around enjoying every moment to the fullest.


Duck Hunting in Arkansas with Windy Hill Outfitters

All-Inclusive Duck Hunts Arkansas

All-Inclusive Guided Duck Hunts

What's Included:

  • Fully Guided Hunts: Our fully guided duck hunts will last until noon each day. Depending on the number of days you decide to hunt, you will experience a hunt in one of our field pits and/or our luxurious flooded timber blind.
  • Lodging: Kick back and enjoy a little downtime in our cozy duck hunting lodge. Not quite ready to call it a night? Head out to the "Duck Cave" for a game of darts, corn hole, or enjoy tall tales around the campfire. 
  • Three Meals Daily: Get your day started with hot coffee and breakfast, followed by a hearty lunch after your morning hunt and wrap up the day with a family-style, home-cooked meal around our dining room table. 

For more information please visit our FAQ page or contact us today! 

*Groups of less than four hunters are subject to be paired with an additional group.

Arkansas Duck Hunting

Does Arkansas have good duck hunting?

Arkansas is one of the best states for duck hunting in the US. The large amount of water within the state has not only made it famous for flooded timber hunting, but also allows miles and miles of rice fields and wetlands to flourish - attracting thousands of local waterfowl and migratory birds. Arkansas is right in the middle of a large migration route for birds making the long journey South, or back North, providing a great place for the birds to rest and feed during their migration. This is why Arkansas is such a huge attraction for duck hunters across the world, and why it possesses a rich culture of duck hunting that has been passed down through generations.

Windy Hill Outfitters was born out of this rich AR duck hunting culture, and our experience in guiding duck hunts provides unforgettable hunting experiences for our guests.

Arkansas Duck Season

Arkansas Duck Season & Species

The 2023-2024 Arkansas Duck Season will take place over the following dates:

  • November 19 - November 27, 2023
  • December 10 - December 23, 2023
  • December 26, 2023 - January 31, 2024

Arkansas has a great variety of duck species available to hunt, including:


Guided Arkansas Duck Hunts

Duck Hunting Dogs at Windy Hill

Raised and trained by the Windy Hill team, our duck hunting dogs are some of, if not the best you will ever hunt with. Our duck hunting guides Michael and Shawn have trained many award-winning retrievers over the years, and more importantly, they know how to control and command dogs during the hunt to make it a success.

Our main hunting dogs, Roe and Doc, are superstars and a lot of fun to hunt with. Although many people are more concerned with the quality of the duck hunting, having a great dog in the blind is a huge addition to the level of enjoyment on an action-packed duck hunt.


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